We loved your Comedy Kills Competition entries so much that we could hardly choose between them. Find out who is receiving 1,000,000 GC! 4 lucky Runners Up also get 2,000 GC to spend in game simply because we loved them so much.
素晴らしいコメディキルコンペのエントリーが多すぎたので選ぶのが難しかったけど、誰が 1,000,000 GC を受ける取るか決めた。

This competition was a chance to let your imagination run wild, create some comedic robots and stack them with weapons to get kills and be in for a change of winning the grand prize. We received LOADS of entries on the forums, but we had to choose one robot to rule them all.

The winner of the competition and of 1,000,000 GC is…
コンペの勝利と 1,000,000 GC は…


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