Its time for all you stealth ninjas to come out of the shadows, your sneaky powers have no meaning here!!


Today is the release of the new Radar and Jammer cubes. These will be restricted to premium users for 3 days. If you want to know how long you have to wait, check out these cubes in the cube depot. There’s a timer displayed on the cubes that counts down the time remaining until they are released to everyone!!
今日は新しいレーダーとジャマーキューブをリリースする。プレミアムユーザー向けに3日間の制限をするつもりだ。もし、君がどのくらい待たなければいけないのか知りたいなら、これらのキューブを(ゲーム内の)「cube depot」でチェックしてみて。キューブの所にタイマーが表示されて、全てのユーザーにリリースされるまでの時間がカウントダウンされている。

Here is some useful information about both cubes:

Radar receiver: 

  • Allows you to receive the signal from the Enemy radars of your team mates.
  • So if an ally steams into battle on the front line, the enemies his radar picks up will appear on your HUD map.
  • 5x Levels available, so L1-5
  • Higher Powered receivers have a greater range.
  • The range is the distance between you and an ally to pick up their Radar signal.
  • If your Allies radar is shot off, the enemies will disappear from your map.

Radar Jammer: 

  • Will “jam” the signal of your enemies Radar.
  • Jamming effectively makes you disappear from your enemies radar intermittently.
  • 5x Levels of Jammer with increasing Jamming Power.
  • More jamming power means you are invisible for longer and only appear on the enemies map for short periods of time.
  • More jammers on your Robot also stack up to give you more jamming power.
  • Higher level Enemy Radar need higher level Jammers to disrupt their signal.





Where once you were blind now you can see! the enemy that is.  No more hiding in the skies or creeping round corners for you people,  the Minimap is coming and its taking no prisoners!! .



The new minimap is now live with some changes to the Enemy Radar and a buff to the Plasma Cannons.


 – Push ‘M’ to zoom in and out

– We will add settings to control the transparency and ultimately hide the minimap in future releases

– You will see all allies on the map at all times

– You will see all enemies that your enemy Radar can pick up

– The detection radius of each of the Radar’s has been reduced as otherwise you saw the enemies way too early on the map, and we intend to introduce the ‘Radar Receiver’ very soon which will allow you to see the enemies that your allies Radars pick up

– Also coming soon are the Radar Jammer cubes, which are being developed by Michele at the moment

 KNOWN BUG: The minimap is bugged on Mars #2 and appears in the middle of the screen. We are working on a fix for this now and should have it up in a few hours time.
知られているバグ:火星(Mars #2)のミニマップのバグで、画面の中央にマップが表示される。僕らは今これを修正する仕事をしてる。数時間後に出来るんじゃないかと思う。


 – Plasma Cannon damage buff, a 15% increase to the outer and inner blast damage values

– All Plasma Cannon values are up to date in the descriptions in the Depot

– New maintenance mode that will allow us to communicate why we are in maintenance mode better to you all


– Optimizations to fix the LAG we introduced with the last update.


Robocraft にミニマップの実装予定

Sneak peak at the minimap


Find your allies, your enemies, your Platoon, the enemy base, the ice lake, the edge of the map, your mum, your dad, your uncle, your girlfriend and even your pet fish, with the new HUD minimap and Enemy Radar system coming early next week.

次の週始めに予定している新しい HUD のミニマップとレーダーシステムを使って、敵や仲間、君の小隊、敵の基地、凍った湖、マップの端、君のママ、君のパパ、君のおじさん、君のガールフレンド、そして君のペットの魚なんかを見つけてみてくれ。

Freejam has doubled up on expresso as our new Italian Jammer Michele has being doing overtime with his coding fingers to bring you this great new feature.

僕らの新しいイタリア人の jammer ミケーレ(ミシェル、マイケルという可能性もある)は時間外にも常にコーディングしていて、この素晴らしいのを新しく作ってくれたよ。*




  • Launching Tuesday next week (caveat: assuming all goes to plan)
  • 次の火曜日にローンチ(注意:全て計画通りにいった場合)

  • Push ‘M’ to switch between zoomed in and out mode
  • 「M」キーを押すと、ズームインとズームアウトのモードが切り替わる

  • Each map is a 2D representation of the level, so you can see the lie of the land from above
  • それぞれのマップ毎に、平坦な 2D 表示がある。だから上から見た地形を見ることができるよ

  • The map itself is slightly transparent so you still get a feel for what’s behind it, whilst the map remains clearly readable
  • マップ自体は、少し透過してるので、マップが明確に読める状態で残っている間も、まだマップの後ろに何があるかは感じれるはず

  • Your Robot is shown with an arrow, and your camera facing is shown with a ‘view cone’
  • 君のロボは矢印で表示され、君のカメラの正面は「円錐の視野」で表示される

  • All allies are always rendered on the map as small blue hexagons
  • 全ての味方はマップ上に小さな青い六角形として常に表示される

  • Bases are shown on the map also
  • ベースもまたマップ上に表示される

  • Enemies are only shown on the map if you have an enemy radar
  • 敵は君がレーダーを持っているときだけマップに表示される

  • Higher level Enemy Radars who more enemies as they have a greater range
  • 高レベルなレーダーは、より広範囲にいるより沢山の敵を表示できる

  • Enemy Radar still points at nearest enemy as before
  • レーダーはまだ前のように、もっとも近くにいる敵を指す



  • Radar Jammer cube x 5 levels
  • レーダー jammer キューブ x 5 レベル (多分「レーダー妨害機」をL5まで?つくるという意味)

  • Radar Jammer makes you disappear from your enemies HUD map intermittently, i.e. they will flash on and off at randomised intervals
  • レーダー妨害機は敵の HUD マップから君の表示を断続的に消させる。例えば、一定間隔でランダムにフラッシュを点滅させる。

  • Powerful radars can see enemies with Jammers more often
  • 強力なレーダーは、レーダー妨害機を持つ敵をより頻繁に表示する事ができる。

  • Powerful jammers ensure you stay invisible to radars for longer
  • 強力なレーダー妨害機はより長く相手のレーダーから透明になったままにする

  • For the RC old schoolers, the Radar Jammer will use a modified version of the old RP Collector cube graphics for reasons of nostalgia
  • 前からロボクラをやってる人のために、レーダー妨害機は懐かしさを誘うRPコレクターキューブ*のグラフィックの改造バージョンを使うよ

    * 参照 http://robocraftgame.com/new-release-rp-collector-and-enemy-radar/

  • Radar Receivers will allow you to see the enemies that your allies can see, if they have an enemy radar
  • レーダーを持っている味方が見ることが出来る敵を、レーダーレシーバー(受信機で)君も見ることができる。

  • There will also be 5 x levels of Radar Receiver
  • レーダーレシーバー(受信機)もまた5つのレベルでつくる予定

  • Higher level Receivers will have a greater range, so your allies can be farther away from your whilst you still pick up thier Enemy radar signal
  • 高レベルの受信機はより広範囲の受信ができるので、君がまだ敵のシグナルを拾い集めてる間、君の味方は君から遠く離れた場所にいることができる